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What's new

Easy CD Ripper v2.10

  1. Add MP3 mpg123 Decoder, support converting MP3 to all formats now!
  2. Add ID3 readout to decoder plugin, ID3 will be copied when you convert media files.

Easy CD Ripper v2.02

  1. Some warmhearted registered users say it's hard to register, so we improve the register window and it's easy to register our software now.
  2. Fix some multi-language bugs.
  3. English language file v1.1
  4. Taiwan language file v1.1 (Thank John Hsu (nickname: koko) )

Easy CD Ripper v2.00

  1. Easy CD Ripper v2.00 is rewrited based on plugin-able kernel so it supports unlimited formats.
  2. Convert audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, APE,VQF, OGG from one format to another--this is what the new feature File Converter do.
  3. Clone CD into image file bit by bit perfectly, HDCD and DTSCD etc..are supported now.
  4. Add Monkey Music (APE) support.
  5. Unlimited sample rates converter support from 9600 to 192000 sample rate.
  6. Add DirectSound output support , improve the playing quality.
  7. Use The latest Lame encoder and options dialog for professional Mp3 encoding.
  8. Add Submit to FreeCDDB support.
  9. Professional and user-friend interface. Beautiful and changable skins.

Easy CD Ripper v1.53

  1. Resolved "Software will not run, gives error code of access violation address 004e3ab3, value is fffffffff" Error.
Easy CD Ripper v1.52
  1. Fixed the bug of "?","*","/","\" chars in the ID3 Title locking the software.
  2. Fixed the "bug now" button can't open the address.
  3. Upgrade the uninstallation interface.

Easy CD Ripper v1.51
  • 1. Upgrade the bug of submit to cddb.
  • 2. Add Taiwan language (Thank to John Hsu (nickname: koko).
  • 3. Add Czech language (Thank to Kajen).
  • Now Submit to Free CDDB function is added.
  • You can change many skins now.
  • Upgrade the register code format , every one can register our software easily.
  • Upgrade Ogg Engine 1.0.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.43
  • 1. Add ID3 support for wma,ogg,vqf.
  • 2. Add free CDDB support.
  • 3. User can select output file name format.
  • 4. Add Wav to Wav Resample.
  • 5. Support Ogg Encoder RC3.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.35
  • 1. Save options before exit.
  • 2. Delete CPU auto test function , user can choose yourseft.
  • 3. Add Proxy supporting.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.34
  • 1. Support 44100 ,22050 ,11025 sample rate in Wave Converter.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.33
  • 1. Support Windows XP Now.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.32
  • 1. Add Ogg Format Supporting.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.30
  • 1. Process chars (':','/','\') in song name. Change them to '-'. resolve the hacked the windows file system bug by these chars.
  • 2. Rewrite the CDDB engine , now this engine is use Window Socket API directly. The Cable Modem CDDB can use CDDB now.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.29
    Now file convert function is added. You can convert you love music file to MP3,WMA,VQF. CDDB is supported now,you can write out the ID3 information just on one click. Add SSE speedup function to MP3 encoder.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.1
    Add WMA and VQF encoder. Add ID3 support. Rebuild the CD Ripper for speedup. Add "Sync Play" function.

    Easy CD Ripper v1.0
    This software's first release .

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