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Frequently Asked Questions
How to use?
Open this software, choose music in "Track List".
You can write down "Artist" and "Title".The music will be saved into "paths\" + "Artist\" + "Title\" .
Click "<--- Start --->",music will be compressed soon.

Output Types
WAV : Called wave file,record music completely and prefectly.But it takes large space.
MP3: MPEG I Layer III is a popular CD compress coding system. Equal to 1/12 size of wav,but as good as CD's quality. It's a good method to save music.
WMA: Microsoft's music compress format,as big as 1/2 size of MP3 with the same quality.
VQF: Yamaha's music compress format,also smaller then Mp3.

How to register?
Open the register dialog in Easy CD Ripper. You can start it from the menu [Help]->[Register].

Lost Registration Code Policy
For any reason, if you have lost your registration code, please click here to email us support man for sending you a registration code via email. You should include enough information to verify that you are registered user. This information may include order ID, the email you've used to order this software, your name and address.

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