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What's New

4 Add user's function for EasyGrid in PowerBuilder (February 26,2001)

Many new methods was added to the newest EasyGrid Control 3.33 to support PowerBuilder, now you can add user function for EasyGrid Control in PowerBuilder.

4 Manipulate EasyGrid Control's Variant parameter in VC (November 26,2000)

Variant is a common data type in ActiveX' programming interface, but there is a matter when use it in VC. Now the matter is fixed

4Make independent chart with EasyGrid ActiveX (July 20,2000)

Sometimes you want a independent chart, needn't show it's data nor print, EasyGrid can do it now.

4 Distribute EasyGrid ActiveX(May 12,2000)

To distribute EasyGrid Control, you should add the following files to your setup package°√cell.ocx ,cell.hlp,mfc42.dll,msvcrt.dll ,odbc32.dll, odbcint.dll ,oleaut32.dll,olepro32.dll.

4 Control focus moving after edit finish (April 28,2000)

Press Enter to finish editing cell, then current cell move to the next. The next cell may be left, right, up or down to the prior cell, according to last time's moving direction. You can set moving direction by direction key.

4 Add functions for EasyGrid Spreadsheet (December 24,1999)

EasyGrid has been designed with an opening structure, you can add functions for EasyGrid in an outside dynamic link library (.dll) file. you just place your .dll file in the same directory with EasyGrid.exe, then EasyGrid will load it automatically, you can use your functions the same way you use EasyGrid's built-in functions.

4 Show Access database's bitmap object with EasyGrid ActiveX (October 28,1999)

Access supports OLE object data type, the most common object is bitmap (picture). Adding picture to database increases it's usability.

4 Fixed pane feature in EasyGrid Control (May 25,1999)

Fixed pane features needed in many forms, now you needn't worried about it as EasyGrid Control supports this.

4 Save file to memory buffer (March 12,1999)

As VBScript can't access local disk files, EasyGrid Control supply 2 methods: DoSaveToBuffer and DoReadFromBuffer°°to save EasyGrid file to a memory variable, and load from it. You may send it to Web server or database.

4 Output Html file (December 22,1998)

We know a number of software which can output html file, so do EasyGrid Control and EasyGrid Spreadsheet. but there are some special features in html files created by EasyGrid.

4 Use WHERE clause in EasyGrid ActiveX SQL Query (December 21,1998)

EasyGrid Control support SQL query, use WHERE clause to Specify which records from the tables listed in the FROM clause that are affected by a SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.

4 EasyGrid Connect to Microsoft SQL Server (December 28,1998)

With ODBC drivers, EasyGrid can connect to remote database--Microsoft SQL server.

4 EasyGrid Connect to Sybase (December 28,1998)

With ODBC drivers, EasyGrid can connect to remote database--Sybase.

4 EasyGrid Connect to Oracle (December 28,1998)

With ODBC drivers, EasyGrid can connect to remote database--Oracle.

4 Query remote database in Browser with EasyGrid (December 28,1998)

With ODBC drivers, EasyGrid can connect to remote database, such as Microsoft SQL server, Sybase and Oracle in Browser.

4 Add user's functions in Delphi (April 28, 1998)

There are samples in VBDEMO and VCDEMO for how to add user defined functions, however, the Delphi demo was not provided before , but the code in Delphi are almost the same as in VB.

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