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Frequently Asked Questions
1.Why can't EasyGrid print grid line?
Generally, EasyGrid doesn't print any background lines, but lines drawn by DoDrawLine EasyGrid will be printed (make sure you've enabled it by uncheck the "print grid lines" option). For more information, see EasyGrid Spreadsheet.

2.Why can't EasyGrid refresh?
When evaluation time is expired (30 days), EasyGrid will not refresh. EasyGrid adopts this method and thus won't make your application corrupt (that's a bad manner).

3.How to make self-defined function wizard?
Refer VCDEMO source code please, there is a example there.

4.Why can't EasyGrid refresh after I changed some data?
You need to refresh it by yourself, using EasyGrid's DoRedraw method.

5.Can I use EasyGrid in Windows NT?
Yes, but you must run Trustsoft\OCX\exe\Ntdrv.exe first, this program will install device driver for NT, and then restart the system.

6.How to upgrade the EasyGrid Control in my project?
When you get a new version of Control, and want to replace the old one in your project, there exists two cases: you just need do nothing if you use VB or VBScript , all the new methods and events will come out automatically; But if you use VC or Delphi, you have to delete the old Control in your project and then insert the new one.

7.Why can't I get the data which users inputted ?
Some developers told us that they couldn't get the data which users just input by using GetEasyGridData(),. The reason is: EasyGrid Control will save what user's input when KillFocus event occurs, but when user clicks a button, the click event will occur before EasyGrid's KillFocus, so the input string can't be obtained in the click event. The solution is to use SetFocus,  which can cause EasyGrid KillFocus event and then you will get the input data .
Same problem is shown in any other control.

8.Why is any EasyGrid pink with shadow?
Which means that this EasyGrid is read-only. And red means that is a formulae. you will not see this in print.

9.Can I disable EasyGrid's Undo function?
Yes, sometimes you needn't UNDO though it seems attractive. There is a member EnableUndo (BOOL type), setting it to FALSE can disable UNDO (the UNDO, REDO item in pop menu also disappears).

10.How to get the content of a joined EasyGrid?
The EasyGrid on the left-up corner stand for the joined EasyGrid, The other EasyGrids were just hidden, still can you use DoGetEasyGridData() to get it's content.

11.How to know that current EasyGrid was changed?
Event OnEasyGridChange will do.

12.How to set message title ?
Use DoLogin() method, the default title is "EasyGrid".

13.How to get other page's data?
Use DoSetPageEasyGridData(), DoGetPageEasyGridData().

14.How to use DoLogin()?
This function is for official user. You need to use the function once before any calls of EasyGrid Control's interface. EasyGrid Control's objects should be created before you use the function.

15.Can I continue using evaluate EasyGrid when evaluation time is expired?
Yes, back your system time one month.

16.Why can't I print the second page completely,the col and row's number of the second printed page is as same as the first page .(in fact ,the second owns more rols and rows)
Use DoSetPrintRange() before print please.

17.How to forbid moving the current EasyGrid when the input is wrong?
The event of OnEditFinish examines the inputed content , the event of OnAllowMove() decides whether to move the current EasyGrid or not .

18.Why can't the system display Chinese characters normally when EasyGrid Control opens the data source of ODBC?
The problem is related to PowerBuilder's adjusting . Now no problem with the current version which is available in Web.

19.Can the method about VFP be used in other languages?
Certainly. There are some problem on DoSetEasyGridData(), for PB5 and PB6 don't support the Chinese characters' parameter of ActiveX , we need to do some adjusting on DoSetEasyGridData() . But the adjusting will affect DoSetEasyGridData()'s application in other languages. Lately PB6.5 supports the Chinese characters' parameter of ActiveX completely , so we revert the adjustment on DoSetEasyGridData(). Now no problem with DoSetEasyGridData().

20.May I use EasyGrid Control in VFP? How to open the database of VFP in EasyGrid Control?
Refer the example please.

21.How to get the col and row's number of current sheet when opening file by DO OPENFILE()?
Examine the attribute of cols and rows please, the value will be the col and row's number.

22.Why can't EasyGrid's help be viewed with classified function?
The problem is solved in EasyGrid31.

23.May the selected grayer shadow be changed in EasyGrid ?
No, unless we receive enough advices on the problem.

24.Why can't the spin bar in EasyGrid be changed continuously?
It can be done in EasyGrid31,the same with Windows's spin bar.

25.Is there EasyGrid DEMO written in Delphi?
In EasyGrid31 you will find it ,the same with displaying of VCDEMO.

26.May I put the data of database anywhere in sheet?
That's right in EasyGrid31(not formally),in addition , you may put several da tabase sheets into the one sheet .

27.Why can't I open VFP files("dbf") in VFP object?
Because you didn't install driver, which is given in EasyGrid31.

28.How to define the sequence number of col,row and page in EasyGrid ?
In interface, the sequence number of col, row and page all begin with 0(-1 means col and row's label) .In EasyGrid's function, the sequence number of col,row and page all begin with 1. They represent different habits between programmers and non-programmers.

29.How to do some initializing design to EasyGrid in visiable way?
EasyGrid is used not only as independent software ,but also as EasyGrid Control's design tool . You can design your initializing sheet in EasyGrid Sheet, and save it as a file. You may use the file by DoOpenFile() after you created EasyGrid Control in your application.

30.How to get the most fit height of row and width of col?
Use DoGetColBestWidth() and DoGetColBestWidth() in EasyGrid31.

31.How to operate the special EasyGrids by keyboard? What's their value ? How to evaluate initial value?
Special EasyGrids can be operated by mouse, also can they be done by keyboard.
Button: Enter or Spacebar, its value is insignificant.
Radio button: select by Spacebar, its value is numerical value(0~n), namely item sequence.
Check box: select by Spacebar, its value is numerical value (0,1), namely unsele cted/selected.
Drop list box: open by Enter or CONTROL+DOWN ARROW , select by Enter or Spacebar.Its value is the selected item ,maybe numerical value or character string.
Spin button: roll by CONTROL+DOWN UP/ARROW , its value is the displayed items, m aybe numerical value or character string.
Drop list window: open by Enter or CONTROL+DOWN ARROW , select by Enter or Spacebar. Its value is the displayed item , maybe numerical value or character string.
Evaluate the EasyGrids by DoSetEasyGridData() , Get the value of the EasyGrids by DoGetEasyGridData().

32.Can I use EasyGrid CONTROL in PowerBuilder?
Certainly in PB6.5 and PB7, but PB6 and PB5 don't support Chinese or any other double-byte characters.

33.How to know which radio button is selected by user?
Examine the value(0 first , 1 second) of radio button EasyGrid by DoGetEasyGridData(), just like the value of radio button in Windows dialog box . If you want to select the second Item, call DoSetEasyGridValue( x,y, 1). The value on check box is just like radio button , there are only two values in check box : 0(unselected),1(selected), In EasyGrid3.01 , tick will replace X, two will be available in EasyGrid . You can get and set up the value by DoGetEasyGridData() and DoSetEasyGridValue().
If you want to select the second Item , call DoSetEasyGridValue( x,y, 1).

34.How can i get the value about check box ?
Just like radio button , check box has only two values : 0(unselected),1(selected), In EasyGrid3.01 , tick will replace X, two will be available in EasyGrid .
You can get the value and set up it by DoGetEasyGridData() and DoSetEasyGridValue().

35.Can the button in EasyGrid execute process?
Button always shows MesgBox in EasyGrid Control 3.0 ,you can use DoSetButtonEasyGridEx() in EasyGrid3.01 .

36.How to execute the process ?
Use the event of OnLClickGrid() .

37.Need I download EasyGrid Control every time I visit the page that involved EasyGrid Control in Web?
Needn't. You do it only when you have no EasyGrid Control or the EasyGrid Control in Web server is newer than the local.

38.How to set the content on col label and row label ?
Many functions involve the coordinate parameter of EasyGrid (for example: DoSetEasyGridV alue(long col, long row,...)), When col equals to -1, it means row label (left side label)EasyGrid ; when row equals to -1 , it means col label (top label) EasyGrid ; when they are all -1, it means left-up EasyGrid.

39.May DBCAST be transformed?
Certainly , this field will be hidden.

40.Why can't I find numerical value EasyGrid when using EasyGrid's Find dialog?
Please select the check box of "numerical value EasyGrid " in Find dialog, In default, EasyGrid always finds character value EasyGrid unless you use the expression (EasyGrid will distinguish whether looking for numerical value EasyGrid or character value EasyGrid automatically).

41.Need I use the interface to close the opening Find,and Replace dialog when EasyGrid Control destructs?
Needn't. Destruct function will do .


If you have any other questions, please send email to support@share2.com.

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