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What is Audio MP3 Maker for?
Audio MP3 Maker is a shareware designed for music fans. It's a professional converter of all audio files. It can extracts digital music from audio CD tracks and encodes them into MP3s, or vice versa. You may make perfect copies of original CDs or create your own favorite songs-special. This software boasts an AAA Certification.

No additional driver is required for this program.

What's the difference between the registered version and unregistered ones?
The unregistered version can only handle half of the tracks. That is to say, it converts only half of audio files. While, the registered version can do as much as you like.

How to register Audio MP3 Maker?
Audio MP3 Maker is a shareware. Users who want to enjoy full functions shall register it. The registration fee is US$29.95 only. Once you register it, you may enjoy all updated versions free.

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