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Web log analysis software that lets you see most detailed Web activities.

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123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer
123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer software shows you most detailed Web activities.

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123LogAnalzyer... it's perfect for at-home enthusiasts or small organizations looking for quick, simple views of the activity on their sites. 123LogAnalyzer is easy to use and even easier to set up and run... Installation requires nothing more than double-clicking on the setup icon. The only set-up option is the location of the application. After the installer completes, you are ready to begin crunching logs. You do this through the program's simple interface--a handful of action buttons that require no real technical knowledge...
-PC Magazine

123LogAnalyzer, Web site-analysis software tells you how visitors browse your web site, which pages they view or ignore, how much time they spend on your site, and where they came to your site from...
-Windows & .NET Magazine

5 Stars
123LogAnalyzer is a fast and detailed solution for seeing who your site visitors are, where they come from, where they go, and more... The program is very simple to use. and offers detailed tables and charts produced in an easy to understand report with graphical charts. 123LogAnalyzer works with all popular web server logs, including IIS extended format.

5 Stars and Paul's Picks Shareware Winner Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

(Editor's Pick). -Softlandmark.com

5 Stars. -FileTransit.com

User Comments:

"Very clean and fast log analyzer"
I have used several log analyzers and this one is by far the cleanest and easiest to use analyzer which has all of the most important details to make the a website successful.
-CNet.com user Val 09-Jan-2002

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