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Poker Tournament Manager Software

Poker Tournament Manager Software Poker Tournament Manager adds a professional feel to your home or commercial poker game, just like a Las Vegas casino! Display tournaments on your TV or on your laptop/PC.

Planning to host a poker tournament? Poker Tournament Manager adds a professional feel to your poker game, just like a Las Vegas casino. Display tournaments on your TV or laptop/PC. Manage players, assign and balance seats, manage buy-ins and rebuys. Run a tournament clock for sessions. Show chip values and current blinds. Calculate fixed or percentage based payouts. Track and view stats to see top players. Version 5.0 is now available with many new features: points formulas, hand timer, tournament reminders, bounty wizard, and much more!

Poker Tournament Management Clock Software for the professionally run poker tournaments.
System Requirements for Poker Tournament Software: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7 or higher.
Download Free Version 3.36 MB         Buy Now Full Version $79.95
  Wow your guests with professional poker tournament management:
  • Run a poker clock for sessions.
  • Unlimited levels and breaks.
  • Manage players, buy-ins, rebuys, chip add-ons, and fees.
  • Control number of rebuys/add-ons and levels when permitted.
  • Eliminate players as they go out.
  • Automatically calculates fixed or percentage based payouts.
  • Automatically seeds tables, and reseeds as tables are reduced.
  • Keeps player name, phone #, email, and address that can be used for mailers.
  • For poker tournaments from 2 to unlimited players.
  Display all the critical information during your tournament:
  • Display poker tournaments on your TV or on your laptop/PC.
  • Show chip values and current blinds/ante/raises.
  • Show poker tournament clock.
  • Many view options, including a seating chart and multiple summary styles.
  • Show player's finishing place and payout if any.
  • Display number of players remaining, average chip stack, and next break.
  • Keeps rules for tournaments - less arguments!
  • Use the custom message to let your guests know about the next tournament!
  • Display unlimited rotating custom pictures or ads.
  • Completely customizable colors and many display options.
  • Manager Report displays total fees and pot money collected.

Poker Tournament Manager Software Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How Can I display the program on my TV?
A. Most newer computers, especially laptops, have an s-video output. You can either connect the s-video directly to your TV if your TV has an s-video input, or purchase a converter from s-video to RCA.

Q. Is a TV required to use Poker Tournament Manager?
A. No. Using a TV will normally provide a larger viewing area, but a laptop or PC within viewing range is all that is required.

Q. Will Poker Tournament Manager save results from previous tournaments?
A. Absolutely. All tournaments are saved and can be viewed later.

Q. How many players will the application support in a tournament?
A. Poker Tournament Manager is designed to be useful for small games, from 2 to 8 people, on up to very large tournaments with hundreds of players at many tables.

Q. What type of blind/ante structure is supported?
A. Poker Tournament Manager supports single and double blinds, antes, and raises, and all are optional.

Q. How many tournaments and players can I have?
A. Poker Tournament Manager can store an unlimited number of tournaments per league, and an unlimited number of players as well.

Q. Will the program "burn" into my TV screen if I use it frequently?
A. Poker Tournament Manager offers a "screen saver" screen which rotates the screen to assist with this concern. To change your mode, select the View button from the Tournament Management screen.

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