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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I capture a screenshot?
There are two ways to capture a screenshot.
Firstly, you can use a menu command. Select "Capture" command from the system tray menu.
Secondly, use a hotkey. To custom a hotkey, you should do according to the following steps:
A. Double click the system tray to display the Configure Dialog.
B. Set focus to the "Hotkey" text box and press the key you'd like to set as a hotkey.
C. Click "OK" to set the hotkey.

2. Can I cancel a capturing action?
Yes, you can. Press "Esc" key or click the right button of your mouse to cancel it.

3. How do I if I want to select an area bigger than the image editor's client area?
Move your mouse over the scrollbar and drag the scroll button or click the arrow button, then the image will moving in the window, then drag the selection line's gripper to enlarge the selected area. Don't use the hand tool, If you do that, the selection line will disappear.

Registration and Support
4. Is technical support free?
Yes, it is.

5. How long can I use the trial version?
The trial version is for evaluation purpose only. If you think the software is useful to you and you want to keep it, you should register it. For trial version, there is functionality limited for saving. you can save 30 captures only. If you have captured and saved 30 captures, you can not save anymore. For registered version, there is no functionality limited.

6. What can I benefit from registration?
Send you the registration code by E-mail within 12 hours.
Free technical support.
Free upgrade to newer versions

7. I have more questions - who should I write to?
Please send your additional questions to:

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