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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How come when I display my images the color is unclear or distorted?
In order to view images that have colors greater than 256, your computer display settings needs to be set to at least 16 bit or higher on your computer. Your computer display settings might be set to 256 colors (8 bit). Please refer to your computer manual before making changes. Not all computers and monitors can display past 256 colors.
To view your computer display settings and make changes to the palette - follow the steps below.
1. click the "start" button
2. select "settings"
3. select "control panel"
4. double click the "display" icon
5. click the "settings" tab
6. choose at least "High Color (16 bit)" or "True Color(24 bit)"as your Color palette

2. What should I do after I receive my Registration key?
Load True Screen Saver Builder and clicking the "Register" label on the bottom of main window, input your registration name and registration key in the registration form, then click register button.

3. How can I convert from a certain format to a JPEG format, or any other image format? How can I create my own images/photos to be displayed?
PaintShop Pro is an excellent way of converting a image/photo from one format to another. You can download PaintShop Pro at This program allows you to construct your own images/photos.

4. Why are some images clearer than others?
The images are displayed at the same quality which they were originally scanned. True Screen Saver Builder does not affect the image quality. Some images may seem distorted due to the stretch feature.