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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many characters can a password contain when I input?
No limit.

2. How many passwords can I store in every file?
Before you register the program, you only can store 3 categories and 10 accounts. After you register, you can store unlimited accounts for every file.

3. What OS is required while running Password Protector?
Windows98, Windows2000, Windows95 with IE4 or later and Windows NT 4.0 or later. There will be some problems when you want to run Password Protector on Windows95, without IE4 or later. If you are told that some *.DLL files is not found, it means that your system does not meet the requirement. Please contact us.

4. When I save a file, why does the program let me save it as another file name?
Because your file is Read-Only. If you want to save it, please set it to not Read-Only or the program will send you a message that file access is denied.

5. How to search an account?
Select menu item View | Search Bar. You can use search bar to search account name and category name.

6. If I forget my Key for a "*.pwd" file, what can I do?
Sorry, you can't open the file. Please remember: every file has its own KEY. It is the only way to access the file. Don't forget your KEY.

7. If I make a mistake to delete a account or a category, how can I undo it?
If you have not saved your file, close the file without saving it and reopen it. If you do something wrong, and have saved your file, the backup file can help you. Find the backup copy of your file and rename the " *.pwd.bak " file to " *.pwd ".