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It should be very difficult for you to remember both your passwords and usernames. Now, let our password protector help you. It's an expert to organize and store passwords & usernames. Even if you could clearly remember both your usernames and passwords, you still have to not forget what they are for, password protector will do this for you and more other functionalities beyond what your've expected. If you have a large number of passwords to remember, then what you need is just this program. It uses encryption and password protection to protect your passwords & usernames from being stolen or forgotton. Besides passwords, it also stores URLs, e-mail addresses and other notes.

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About features
Key Features:

  • Use advanced cryption algorithm. The probability of being decrypted is around 0.0000000000001%.
  • Create treeview groups to manage different kinds of passwords
  • Friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • A quick action interface of password bar that makes your work easier
  • An easy-to-use lock program safely protects your passwords
  • Dock in the system tray as you like

Other Features:
  • One-click hyperlink opening and e-mail sending method
  • Auto-protection for the passwords
  • Password generator
  • Support advanced searching function
  • The access KEY can be changed whenever necessary
  • Export passwords information
  • Print passwords information