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What's new

MP3 Workshop V1.2
  • Improve mp3 encoding,fix a bug.

    MP3 Workshop V1.18
  • Improve mp3 encoding.

    MP3 Workshop V1.17
  • Modify mp3 manage function,add volume meter show,and volume adjustment.(The volume meter will only work if your sound card features a peak control line). change mp3 order in management list.
  • fix a bug in registration.

    MP3 Workshop V1.16
  • you can edit start time and end time in cutting function.
  • Improve wave to mp3,cd to mp3 converting speed.
  • fix a bug in cd ripper.

    MP3 Workshop V1.15
  • Modify start time and end time changing control in cut function,make it easy to use.
  • Can adjust the order of mp3 files when combining a mp3.

    MP3 Workshop V1.11
  • Fix a bug in sample rate changing.

    MP3 workshop V1.1
    modify cut function start time and end time to centisecond.

    MP3 workshop V1.0
    User-friendly wizard
    Manage all your mp3 files with creating mp3 playlists
    Get and edit mp3 tag information with fully mp3 player function
    MP3 to Wave, Wave to MP3 converter with changing sample rate, bitrate, channel, quality
    cut segments from MP3 files and save them in another stand mp3 file or wave file
    combine multi mp3 files into one mp3 file or a wave file
    grab music CD tracks to mp3 files or wave files

    You get free upgrades. Anytime mp3 workshop has been upgraded,
    you may download the latest version and use your unique registration key.

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