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MagicTweak - is a special program designed to optimize and personalize Microsoft Windows.





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  • Start Menu - Hide Start Menu Items and Change Start Menu Settings
  • Explorer - Customize Windows Explorer Settings
  • System Icon - Change Windows System Icons
  • System Folder - Display Windows System Folder Location
  • System and User - Get and Change Windows System and User Info
  • Drives and DISC - Hide Disk Drives From the Windows Explorer and Optimize CDROM Settings
  • Network - Optimize the Speed of Internet Connection
  • OEM Info - Add Your Logo and Info into the System Properties Dialog Box
  • IE Settings - Customize Your Internet Explorer Settings
  • IE Options - Customize Your Internet Explorer Options
  • Auto-Logon - Force Windows to Pass Over the Login Screen on Startup
  • Control Panel - Hide or Show Control Panel Items
  • Control Panel II - Disable or Enable Control Panel Items Sub-Panel
  • Security - Change Restrictions and/or Security Measures for Windows
  • Startup - Manage Windows Startup Applications
  • Add/Remove - An Easier and Better Way to Uninstall Programs from Your Computer
  • Folder Icon - Assign Icons to Individual Folder
  • Clear History - Protect Privacy on a Shared Computer
  • Hide Startmenu - Hide or Show Items from Startmenu / Programs or Favorites
  • Hide Desktop - Hide or Show Items from Desktop , Quick Launch Bar
  • Hide Folder - Disguise the Folder as Special Folder of File
  • Process Info - Display Process Info and Kill Process
  • Restrict App - Prevent Specific Applications from Running
  • Context Menu - Hide or Add Items from Context Menu
  • Clean Up - Clean Up Temp Files and Unnecessary Files
  • Clean Up More Options - More Options of Cleaning Up Temp Files and Unnecessary Files
  • Options - Change the Settings of MagicTweak
  • Skins - Choose a Different Skin for MagicTweak
  • Backup/Restore - Backup or Restore the System Files
  • About MagicTweak - Show the MagicTweak's Program Information, Version Number, and Copyright
  • Register - The Window for Entering License Key
  • SysTray Menu - Popup Menu Docked in the System's Tray

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