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VHS to DVD conversion is the most common form of analog to digital video conversion. It ensures your videos will last a lifetime. If you have movies on VHS or other video tape formats, converting them from VHS to DVD can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement costs. And don't let those home videos degrade away, transfer them to digital video and preserve your memories.

honestech VHS to DVD Converter lets you back/copy/Convert your VHS collection to DVD/CD using your home PC. Then turn around and play those discs on your DVD player. With just a few clicks, you can Convert VHS tapes onto DVD/CD. Or create your own DVD/CD movies from your Camcorder, VCR, DVD player, and more!

The One-Touch Easy Wizard Mode enables novice users to easily transfer video tapes to DVD with a few clicks, with step-by-step pictorial instructions guiding the user through the process.
The advanced scene editing tools enable users to record movies, trim out unwanted scenes, and easily add special effects, titles and chapter points. You can watch the captured video on Sony PSP or iPod, and upload directly to YouTube with auto-publish feature.

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honestech VHS to DVD Converter does a lot more! See for yourself:

  • Copy VHS Tapes to DVD.
  • Copy all your VHS tapes to CD.
  • Archive Your VHS Tapes to Your Hard Drive.
  • View Your Copied VHS Tapes from Your Hard Drive.
  • Best choice for preserving your irreplaceable home videos.
  • Use your existing TV/Video capture card/device to convert VHS tapes into DVD or VCD.
  • User-friendly interface, Easy Wizard Mode (Easy Conversion).
  • Split Capturing for long video
  • Advanced scene editing tools allow you to record movies and easily trim out commercials or unwanted scenes.
  • Easily add transition effects, titles, and chapters.
  • Watch video on new gadgets
  • You can watch the captured video on Sony PSP, iPod, and other devices.
  • Burn your movies onto DVD, CD.
  • Revive old music to new digital formats.
  • Record audio from cassettes, LP records, or video tapes.
  • Create MP3 files that you can play on MP3 players, PSP, iPod, or PDA devices.
  • Convert cassette tapes and LP records into audio CDs.
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