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Version: 2.20
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AudioLabel CD Label Maker is a piece of smart software that creates music CD labels in seconds. With the click of a button, AudioLabel can recognize your music CD and download the album information from the Freedb internet database (ie. artist, title, and track list). This database is enormous, and most likely contains every CD in your collection. It supports the ability to read the filename and ID3v1/ID3v2 tags from MP3 CDs. All of the text is automatically fit to the front cover, back cover, and disc label simultaneously. AudioLabel adjusts the font size so the text always fits in the space you specify. The text is never allowed to go off the label, so you will get a perfect fit every time (even on the disc label).

Key Features:

  • Automatically Downloads Album Information.
  • Reads and Labels MP3 CDs.
  • Automatically Sizes and Fits Text.
  • Full Image Support.
  • CD-TEXT and CDPlayer.ini Support.
  • ECompletely Customizable.
  • Supports Most All Label Stock.
  • Easy-to-use interface


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