Magic Jack Uninstaller - software for remove all traces of Magic Jack installation from your computer
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Magic Jack Complete Uninstallation Program

Magic Jack Uninstall Software
The Magic Jack installation does not come with an easy way to uninstall the files if you have magicjack problems and decide not to use their product. Various part of your computer are affected by the install including the registry and various folders in the windows system, which can cause your computer to stop functioning if you make a mistake in changing the values.

We have developed this tool specifically for the magic jack application and dealing with problems with Magic Jack. if you are worried about what is left on your computer after you stop using an application, then you need to fully uninstall it.

Magic Jack Uninstaller is an uninstallation program which keeps your computer clean by doing a full uninstall. MagicJack Removal will clean your computer in seconds. it will remove all traces of the Magic jack installation and leave your computer working as well as it did before the install.

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Magic Jack Uninstaller will remove the MagicJack software from your computer! It will find all of your changed registry values and safely and completely bring your computer back to where it was before you installed it. Also removes hidden directories and files that could affect the performance of your computer. Keep your computer clean and running optimally. Magic Jack Uninstaller is specifically geared for removing MagicJack installations.

We always think that software should be easy, yes, the Magic Jack Uninstaller is very easy to use for everyone, at the same time it's very useful.

The software is for Windows only. It may be used on Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000.

Key Features of the Magic Jack Uninstaller:
  • - Completely Removes Magic Jack Software from your PCs.
  • - Checks registry and removes all extra values
  • - Includes uninstall program for when you are finished
  • - Checks multiple areas of your website for traces of Magic Jack
  • - Automatic updates
  • - Window 7, XP, Vista compatible
  • - Magic Jack removal, uninstallation, and uninstall issues
  • - Checks to see if Magic Jack installation exists on your computer
  • - Easy to install - download the Magic Jack uninstall software and unzip it to a folder on your computer
  • - The software Magic Jack Uninstaller runs very fast.
  • - Well designed and organized user interface, nice,clean and easy to use.

What is MagicJack?
MagicJack is a software and hardware combination package that provides Internet telephone service. The MagicJack device allows a conventional home phone to be connected to your computer, thus allowing you to place calls over the Internet from your home phone. However, according to, many users are unhappy with the product's privacy settings. Should you wish to uninstall the magicJack software, it will take more than just unplugging the device.
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