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Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer
- Edit your tunes or remix mp3s on your computer. *NEW*

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Key Features:
  • Cut and paste sounds & MP3s quickly and easy!
  • Mix, record or overdub as many simultaneous Wave and MP3 files as you want.
  • Fade the volume, pan and playback rate of each sound.
  • Lightning fast & intuitive interface .
  • Import playlists (.M3U & .PLS) to create instant mixes of your favorite mp3s!
  • Export mix as a RealAudio G2 or MP3 file with a click for streaming on the Internet.
  • Export mix as a single wav file or multiple wav files for burning a DJ style mix CD.
  Awards of Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer
1.RocketDownload 2.File Transit 3.Zd Net 4.Tucows
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