MP3 CD Maker
Burn your favoriate MP3 or WAV songs to audio CD with the best CD burner!!

Music is VERY important to me
by: Steve Newman(2/24/01)

Music is VERY important to me. I spend a LOT of time listening to and playing music both jazz and classical. Over time I accumulated a lot of good music in the form of MP3 files on my computer but I realized that they werent doing me any good since I never listen to them, because sitting at a computer is not where I want to be when I listen to music. When I learned that a reasonably priced program, MP3 CD Maker, could burn these MP3 files onto an audio CD that I could listen to on my usual CD players I was very interested. I downloaded a demo from and it did just what it said it would with a simple user interface that required no learning process. Naturally I bought the $30 product and now my 120 mp3 files are on six 80 minute audio CDs that I listen to with great pleasure.

Thank you for a wonderful product!
Steve Newman
Santa Cruz CA
Director, Jazz Society of Santa Cruz County

i love your mp3 cd maker
by: Justin Thibodeaux(3/11/01)

i love your mp3 cd maker, it has made my life alot easier, it is without a doubt the best program of its kind on the market, its fast, and simple to use, i recommend this program to anyone wanting to make cds out of there mp3s, thanks for making this software and for the constant sofware updates!!!
-Justin Thibodeaux

Wedding Bliss
by: Bradley Hall (11/03/00)

Hey ZY2000,

I just got married two weeks ago and used your program to put together 3 CD's of songs for the prelude, ceremony, recessional, and reception. The program worked great ?and I don't know what I would have done had I not had your easy to use MP3CD Maker.

Also, I mainly use your program to get back lost and scratched CD's. I used to live with 4 other guys while in college. We would have parties and inevitably, a few CD's would get stolen. I saved the CD cases and now use Napster to retrieve the songs then your program to burn them onto CD's. With scratched CD's I will rip the songs that are salvageable and download the others, then burn them all back to a CD with MP3CD Maker. Even better is the fact that if they got scratched or stolen, which is bound to happen again, I have the MP3's and they are saved in a songlist, so I won't have to do any work next time. I notice little if any loss in sound quality due to the compression or skips and stalls in your program when burning back. It is a solid program now and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a staple of my multimedia programs.

That is all from me, hope you keep turning out quality products like MP3CD Maker. I wouldn't use any other for my recording needs as a hobbiest.


MP3 CD Maker, ultimate MP3 AudioCD Maker
by labyrinth (Jan 2 '00)
The time is finally here, we can now record MP3 files to audio CD with one single click. Sure you can change MP3 files to .WAV files, and then burn a CD from .wav files. But no one has experience such convenient experience with MP3 CD Maker, just one click, and you're all set in your seat.
This programs features a very innovative and fresh interface. Unlike other windows applications, this program has their own little unique buttons for various functions. And again, unlike MusicMatch Jukebox, this program's background colors are smooth and simple; which does not make your head spin and is easy to operate. You can add up to 74 min of audio in one CD as you know, regardless of file sizes. You can add many MP3 files to your playlist and the program will calculate the total time and total time remaining for you, so you will know when to stop. When you're set, one click of a button will do that for you. Unlike other program, this program makes audio CDs directly from MP3, and it does not take your hardisk space creating temporary .wav files. Another useful feature is the "Normalizing" function. It will balance the volumes of all your songs to a same level, so you won't get high volume in one sing and low volume in another. It is one of the best feature of this program as you know different MP3s from various web sites may have different volumes. Oh yeah, you convert MP3 to .wav files as well.
If you burn a lot of CD from MP3s, this program is a must for your use. There is no other program functions as easy as this one, period. Download the shareware version and see for your choice, you can record up to 9 tracks, registered version is unlimited of course. See for yourself and you won't be disappointed.

wave of the future...
by: Wildcard (Wed Jan 26 '00)
I am sorry for the CD industry, but in my opinion the CD business is an industry of the past. The new wave of the future: MP3 CD maker. Not only is it much more inexpensive to get music like this, but much easier and much more preferable then actually going out to the CD store and purchasing CDs. Unlike CDs you can also pick and choose any songs in any order that you want to put on any CD that you make. The MP3 Cd maker is so simple to use, i did not believe it at first. You simply download MP3s onto your hardrive in your computer, and then using the MP3 cd maker you can actually turn these MP3 into music on an actual CD. Once you have purchased a blank cd, which is very inexpensive may I add, you can basically put any songs on it that you wish. Any song on your computer , using the MP3 CD maker, you can simply put on a CD. IT is very easy to execute this as well; I highly recommend this product.

MP3 CD Maker lets you go burn crazy
by: davidlor (Sat Apr 15 '00)
I remember the old days of burning mp3's to cd's. Mp3's would first have to be converted to wav's before they could be burned to cd. Well thanks to a new program called MP3 Cd Maker these days are over. One of this programs many strong points is its small download size which is good for people like me who still use an old fashioned dial up connection. Another very strong feature of this program is its ability to burn mp3's right to a cd without first converting them to wav files. The interface for this program is the best i've seen in a cd burning software package to this day, and its fast too. All you do to put mp3's onto a cd is drag them into the MP3 CD maker window and hit the record button. The only downside to this program is the fact that you cant burn a couple of songs to a cd and then come back later and burn a couple more to the same cd. You have to burn them all at once. Overall, this program is great and I would defiantly recommend it to a friend.

It's Simple It Works It's Great!
by: Moshe_E (Sat Feb 26 '00)
I got a tip about this piece of software from a friend... He couldn't exactly tell me where to find it or anything he was just very disapointed with it (we'll get to that later). I did a small search and found it, downloaded it.

I then went on to install - painless, just a double click a few questions and here we go.

MP3 CD maker has the coolest interface, all you need is the software a CD-R and Mp3 you want to turn into a regular CD...

It's an app that puts a lot of importance in the no hassle way of life... you don't have to tell it anything except for what songs you want on the CD and in what order. It finds the CD-R by itself and fits the right driver for it, then it lets you compile the list of songs you want to burn - all the time keeping you updated as to how much space you have left on the CD (a major time saver).
Then with a simple click you tell it to burn (you can also save the project for later - no problem). you just have to enter the CD and Vroooom.... in the time you usually burn it, it's DONE!
My first try was a hit, and since then I can't quit. You don't have to understand anything a simple drag n Drop interface and a groovy design!

Now for the small problem, it costs money :-( so as long as you don't pay you are limited to a nine (9) track CD. but I bought it! it's certainly worth the money (it's cheap)!

making CD off of mp3's
by: cdman100 (Mon Feb 14 '00)
I believe that making a CD from mp3 files is a creative way to save money and listen to your favorite artists, why i agree to this is because i am tired of paying thirteen to twenty for CD that have three tracks and the rest are what i feel to be "through in tracks", tracks that mean nothing and sound horrible, i also enjoy having the power of deciding what i want on my CD and how i want it, so i give this a thumbs up in my book!

What a Timesaver! Great Product
by: MaryMeth (Mon Jan 24 '00)
MP3 CD Maker was recommended to me by someone at an MP3 site. Until I found this program, I was spending hours converting MP3s to .wavs with minimal success.

MP3 CD Maker combines four very tedious steps into one simple step. All you have to do is select your music, and when you are ready to create a CD in music format, all you do is hit record. It keeps track of how many minutes are left on your cd you are recording onto. It lets you hear each track to preview. You can change the order of the tracks, a feature that Easy CD Creator doesn't have.

It was simple and easy to order online. With a cable modem, I downloaded the program in less than a minute. The price, in my opinion, is very reasonable...only $29.99 and it has already paid for itself many times over just in the time and aggravation it has saved me.

Very Nice!
by: maddux317 (Sat Jan 29 '00)
This is one of the best program that I will ever use for my CD-RW. It records Mp3s in CD format directly on to a CD! This keeps you from having to take time to convert the MP3 file into WAV and burn it. This program does it all in one step. The interface looks brilliant. It is very easy to navigate through. It can take you through step by step processes to help you record your MP3s a lot easier. This program is also frequently updated, so that it will support the newest of CD burners. It is very much worth its small download( I believe it's around 900 k zipped) and is one of the best programs you could have if you own a CD burner and download a lot of music off of the internet and would like to listen to it on your CD Player.

cool cd makers
by: ooxxoo5268 (Fri Feb 11 '00)
Do you have any MP3 songs on your computer and they are taking up way too much of your memory. Well I had that same problem on my computer. My computer doesnt have a big memory, so it is taken up really fast. So that is when I got a MP3 maker. They do not take that much time to copy the cd and if you go out and bye a lot of cd's then you will find that this will save you a lot of money. It has saved me money over the last couple years. The best thing about them is that you can make your own cd with all of the best songs that you like on it.

A great CD Maker
by: huey943 (Thu Mar 9 '00)
wanna cusomize your own CD? well with CD maker, your dreams can come true. chooses anything from classical to jazz and electronica. any music you can think of can be customized on this program. i think this is a veryt good program for the "music type" in the family. even the little kids will love this one. hey, i might be young but i can still love music, so next time at the wait, whenever you see this, buy/ download this program and make your own cd's all day long. belive me you will be on the computer all day and all night long austomizing greast cd's

Time Savior~!!! & Life Savior~! :)
by: sang624 (Sun Jan 30 '00)
MP3 CD maker... It is a life savior Program~! For thoes who lesson to MANY mp3 MUSICS should know what i mean.. this program actually lets you to make your own audio Cds without converting your Mp3 filez to wav format first.... Come on here~. how mauch time can you save herer? you Figure it out~! A lot ~!!!!!

I recommand this program to everyont who lessons to musics... It is really eazt to use as well.. Most of people will figure it out in no time..~ :)

What can i say more???? ^^; Purchase this product~! With the price arrange around $30.00 It is a product that will change the lives of many people who loves MUSIC~~!!!!!!! Like myself~!!!!