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Web log analysis software that lets you see most detailed Web activities.

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123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer
123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer software shows you most detailed Web activities.


123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer allows you to view your visitors' behavior in seconds. It empowers you to see:

how they browse your website
which pages are viewed and which are ignored
how long they spend on your site
where they come from
what works and what doesn't
new opportunities to attract more visitors/customers
if there is a significant shift in visitors' behavior
if someone is abusing your web site
and much more!

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If you want to profit from your web sites, forget just thinking about web traffic report software, and start thinking about a powerful online customer analysis tool.


So Easy to Use...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer has an extremely easy to use interface that requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. The installation takes less than 10 seconds, and even a non-technical novice can get 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer up-and-running in minutes.


Lightning Fast ...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer is the fastest web traffic analyzer in the market, allowing you to analyze your huge log files in seconds, with similar competing products often taking many times longer.

Save Disk Space, and Save Time...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer can analyze commonly-used ZIP and GZ compressed log files without having to first extract them to your hard drive, so you save disk space and downloading time!


Accurate Visitor Geographical Statistics...

Other log analysis softwares (such as webalizer, webtrends log analyzer...) use "reverse DNS lookup" technology to generate geographical inform ation, which is both time consuming and highly inaccurate. 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer uses an internal IP mapping technology that identifies a visitor's geographical region by their IP address. This unique IP mapping technology allows 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer to produce much more accurate visitor geographical statistics at blindingly fast speeds.


Get a Better Ranking in Search Engines...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer lets you see how people use search engines to find your web site. The search engine performance report lets you know which keywords and phrases people are using to find your web site in each search engine, which search engines produce more traffic, and which still need more work. These reports give you the information you need to optimize your web pages and adjust your marketing strategies to get more traffic from the search engines. More visitors mean more customers; so stop trying to guess!


Track Unwelcomed Visitors Who were Abusing Your Web Site...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer even provides a detailed visitor/IP report break down by access time, hits and bandwidth usage. You can also find out who/which organization owns specific IP address in this report.


Make Your Web Site Perfect...

123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer even gives you a detailed report about broken links and page errors in your site, to help your website looking clean and professional.


Ordering 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer is Risk-Free...

For as little as US$129.95, the fastest and most powerful web site analyzing software can be yours. We are so certain that you will absolutely love 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer that we offer a 100% unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. So there's nothing to lose -see 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer Pricing Detail!


No Hidden Costs...

When you decide to buy 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer, there are no hidden costs. You simply pay a One-Time fee for buying the 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer license. No monthly fees, no annual fees, and no hidden charges. Minor software updates are also supplied to all customers at no charge until the next major upgrade. See Pricing Detail!


You have Free Technical Support...

We offer Free Technical Support for 123LogAnalyzer - Log Analyzer. You can either send email to Support@123loganalyzer.com or fax to ZY Compu ting, Inc (1-408-938-3929) or write mail to: ZY Computing, Inc, 111 North Market Street, STE 614, San Jose, CA 95113, USA

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