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Audio CD Maker - Create MP3 style CD

create audio CD's from MP3 The easiest way to create audio CD's from MP3 files. create standard Audio CD's from existing MP3 files as well as MP3 style CD's that are playable in MP3 players and DVD players that support MP3 CD's. Just drag your MP3 files onto your CD layout and create your CD lightning fast.

Want to create audio CD's with MP3 files you have on your computer? Audio CD Maker is an easy and affordable way to create high quality CD's from your MP3 files. Audio CD Maker also allows you to create MP3 format CD's that can be played in any MP3 compatible player like DVD players and portable MP3 players! Now includes built-in printing and ripping features too! NEW v6.0.2 now available.

Download 3.80 MB Buy Now $19.95 USD

Audio CD Maker Features:
  • Create both standard audio & MP3 style CD's
  • Back tray insert printing for audio style CD's including artist, title and time of each track
  • Rip audio tracks from your existing CD's to WAV or MP3 format with built-in support for CDDB database track naming
  • No need to convert MP3 files before creation of your new CD - Burns MP3 files on the fly
  • Create an ISO image of an MP3 style CD layout for later burning
  • Easily search your hard disks for audio files to add to an open CD layout
  • Quick and reliable recording
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface

System Requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/2000/XP/2003
Intel Pentium CPU 300MHz or higher
CD/DVD Recording Drive

Check out what the users say:
"I have only used used the product a few times and it appears to be an excellent buy. It has, up to now, done everything I wanted and expected it to do. I am very pleased. It has helped transform the task of copying MP3's and conventional disks from being difficult to very easy. Thanks."

Download thefully functional 15 day FREE trial now and try Audio CD Maker for your self, or purchase online using your credit card in a safe and secure environment for only $19.95 and Create CD's from MP3 files in an easy to understand environment now!

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