123 Log Analyzer Report

Report generated on Wed, Jul 24, 2002 -22:45:19

Time Period:23/Jun/2002:05:02:12 - 30/Jun/2002:04:59:44 total 8 day(s)
General Statistics

Hits Total Hits 116550
Total Cached Hits 15685
Average Hits Per Day 14568
Average Hits Per Hour 693
Average Hits Per Visitor 8.9
Average Data Transferred per Hit 33.1 KB
Visitors Total Visitors 13166
Average Visitors Per Day 1645
Average Time Spent 96 Seconds
Average PageViews per visitor 1.06
Average Downloads per visitor 0.29
Average Data Transferred per Visitor 292.8 KB
Uniq IPs Total Uniq IPs 10054
Visitors Who Visit Once 8984
Visitors Who Visit more than Once 1070
PageViews and Downloads Total PageViews 13900
Average PageViews Per Day 1737
Total File Downloads 3855
Average File Downloads Per Day 481
Total Images 98155
Average Images Per Day 12269
Total failed requests 589
Total Incomplete File downloads requests 1891
Number of visitors bookmarked your web site 261
Bandwidth Total Data Transferred 3.68 GB
Average Data Transferred per Day 470.63 MB

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