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Cool Info XP is the latest software utility from Cool Info Corporation. This utility reveals all kinds of information about the hardware and software in a given system. In addition, Cool Info XP allows easy exporting to common files allowing network administrators to collect a hardware and software inventory of systems on the network.

Cool Info XP is the number one system information, inventory, audit & diagnostic utility. It provides all the information you could ever need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software. Including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, drivers, DOS and Windows memory and more. Along with an easy to use graphical user interface, Cool Info XP allows for easy exporting to database and many other formats like XML and HTML. Multiple Cool Info clients can use the same central database to allow for a constant network inventory of the computers connected to that network. Administrators can view remote system information and perform a network inventory on the spot.

Employers can view where their employees are visiting on the internet all from their local workstation.

Users love it for the simplicity, Technicians love it for diagnostics, Accountants love it for its detail, Network Administrators love it for the automation, CEO's love it for the price.
Key Features:

  • Client Computers - You can view all the same system information ( See Also My Computer) you can get now on your computer running Cool Info XP, but you can get that information from a client computer also running Cool Info XP.
  • System Summary - This section in Cool Info XP reveals information about the system such as BIOS information, Operating System information, and Computer Name.
  • Application Activity Log - Cool Info XP allows you to view the activity of any application that runs while Cool Info XP is running. Cool Info XP will show the application name along with the date and time the application was ran.
  • Applications In Memory - The Applications in Memory section displays all running applications on a computer. Giving the Cool Info XP user a snapshot of current activity.
  • Drivers Installed - The Drivers Installed section displays information for all drivers installed on a system.
  • Internet History - to track what web pages have been viewed on your computer or on a client's computer.
  • Open TCP/IP Ports - This feature allows the user to scan for any open ports that are on the machine.
  • Export - Cool Info XP has made it easier to export your system information in a standard file format. See Also Exporting
  • Options - The Tools Menu > Options makes it easier to access a computer's resource reports.
  • Report Viewer - Cool Info XP's new Report Viewer gives a summarized report of all components on your machine, along with a report of other clients computers.
  • Interface Changes - And finally there have been some changes made to the interface, such as a time and date display, caps lock/scroll lock/ num lock and character insertion indicator added to the window.


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