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Ace ScreenSaver
- create your own slideshow screensavers maker. *NEW*

    Ace Screensaver is an easy to use create your own slideshow screensavers maker.
    No programming skills needed: just collect images and sounds and add them to your screensaver project with a point-and-click. Supports more than 90 screensaver slideshow transition effects. Easy to use and very nice to view.
    Full supports for create self-installing screensavers.
    Full supports Win95/98/Me/XP and WinNT4/2000.

Main Screenshot
Key Features:
  • Create your own freely re-distributable (non-commercial) screensavers.
  • Supports for JPEG, Gif, WMF, and Bitmap image formats.
  • Supports unlimited image files.
  • High Quality stretch to smaller or larger images.
  • Preview image files is supported.
  • Play sound files, Mp3, Wav, Midi files support.
  • More than 90 user-selectable slideshow transition effects.
  • Zip and send screensavers you created to your friend and family.
  • Password protection is supported.
  • All future upgrades are free to registered users
  Awards of Blazeftp
1.Super shareware 2.File Transit 3.Zd Net 4.Tucows
blazeftp awards Super Popup Killer awards

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